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Are you aware of the the severity of global warming

Earliest signs of climate change

Tree ring dating, ice cores and historical documents suggests warming of the tropical oceans and the Arctic may have began as early as the 1830s.

Air conditioner being invented

American inventors Willis and Carrier invented the world's first air conditioner, but the greenhouse gases emitted by refrigerants such as HCFCs also exacerbated global warming

The world's first "greenhouse effect" international conference

The world’s first major international conference on the theme of the "greenhouse effect" was held ​. At that time, the carbon dioxide concentration reached 348ppm, ​ an increase of nearly 10% from before the industrial revolution.



The Kyoto Protocol

174 countries signed the "Kyoto Protocol" in 1997 in committing to reduce global carbon emission. The protocol was substituted by the "Paris Climate Agreement" in 2015 - despite an increase in signing countries, the progress in emission reduction is slow

The global average temperature rises by 1

If greenhouse gases are emitted at the same rate

Experts say the average temperature will rise by 0.2 every 10 years in the future




Temperature monitoring system first developed

Scientists use the year 1880 as a baseline for monitoring temperature increase.Average global temperature was 13.76℃ in 1880. 

Average global temperature once dropped to 13.79℃.

Ever since, temperature are constantly rising with an increasing rate

Global average temperature increases by 0.5℃

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concluded a 14.36℃ increase in global average temperature compared to pre-industrial level

GLobal sea level rises for 8 inches

Melting of sea ice and glaciers have lead to substantial sea-level rise comparing to pre-industrial levels, threatening many of the low-lying areas

Abnormally high temperatures observed across the world in the first half of 2020
Northern, Eastern and Central Europe, as well as Northern Asia, have recorded abnormally high temperatures. Siberia has set new temperature record 38℃ 

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