Paper Fan Drawing Competition

The submission of designs has been closed on 10/07/2019.


‘Turn the air-con off and cool the Earth down.’

Designing the paper fan for the promotion of the energy-saving-for-all activity –No Air Con Night enables you to play a part in promoting messages including the effective use of air-conditioners, energy saving, emitting less greenhouse gases and alleviating global warming. 



Through designing the paper fan, students and parents will be able to know more about the relationship between their daily habits and global warming. We hope to nurture a sense of responsibility for global warming alleviation as well as the environment among students, and explain to students that making a difference in the world starts with small changes in life. 



Family group (K1-K3)

Primary group (P1-P6)

Secondary group (S1-S6)


Marking Criteria

Winning entries will be reviewed by the judging panel, and be uploaded to the website for public voting as well. 

Theme relevance – 30%

Creativity and skills – 30%

Composition and design – 30%

Public voting* – 10%

*Public voting is only applicable to entries which have passed the first round of selection.