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Why do we have to save energy?

Climate change is an inevitable challenge for the world. If mitigative measures are not taken promptly, frequent extreme weather events will occur along with sea-level rise, threatening food supply and global species. Therefore, immediate reduction in carbon emission is needed in order to mitigate climate change!

Electricity generation is the major source of carbon emission in Hong Kong. When generating electricity, fossil fuel is burned, releasing numerous greenhouse gases, hence, exacerbating climate change. According to the EMSD of the Hong Kong government, on average, more than 30% of electricity generated is wasted on air conditioning every year, where the value could reach 60% in the summer. Use less and use the aircon wisely is crucial to reducing our carbon emission.





Clothing TIPS

(1) Every lot of clothing to be washed should match the designated volume of your washing machine 

(2) Select suitable seasonal clothing e.g. Wear light and comfortable clothing during the Summer

(3) Select QUICK-WASHING and ROOM WATER TEMPERATURE for your washing machine




(1) Drink more water to cool down your body

(2) Eat more fruits and vegetables that make you feel cooler e.g. watermelon, winter-melon, sugar cane

(3) Eat fewer hot-pots and spicy food that make you feel hot

(4) Pursue a low carbon diet - eat more veggies and less meat; purchase more seasonal and local food



Living TIPS

(1) Use an electric fan instead of the air con. If you have to use the air con, adjust the room temperature to 24-26℃

(2) Turn off electronic devices when they are not being used/after using them

(3) Clean off the dust from time to time on your electric fans and air con in order to maintain their efficiency in cooling

(4) Purchase electronic devices with high energy efficiency labels (e.g. Grade 1-2)

(5) Purchase electronic devices with countdown and auto switch-off function. Avoid keeping devices at stand-by mode



Traveling TIPS

(1) Choose to walk up the staircase instead of using the elevator or lift when possible

(2) Choose walking and biking when travelling to nearby destinations

(3) Consider taking public transport instead of driving your own car for travelling

(4) Where possible, select a direct flight instead of a transfer flight to your destination, which would reduce the emission of your distance travelled

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