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To cool down? No need to turn on the air con! 





With the average global temperature rising every year, the frequencies of turning on the air conditioner have been intensifying in recent years.  In 2019, Hong Kong consumed 4.57 billion kWh of electricity[1], of which air conditioning made up around 28% (1.24 billion kWh of electricity) of the total [2], which equates to releasing  7.36 million tonnes of carbon emission to the planet. Once the carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration increases in the atmosphere, it acts like a thicker glass roof of a greenhouse trapping the heat in the atmosphere, which accumulates the temperature of the Earth. If we are more relying on air conditioning when the weather gets hotter, forming a vicious positive feedback in heating up the planet. Therefore, reducing the usage of air conditioner as well as diminishing carbon emission would be a better way to cool down the temperature!

Under the pandemic condition, people spend more time at home, and may increase the usage of air conditioning at home. When the climate change is increasingly severe, we should live a greener way by reducing carbon emission. We could start by using less air conditioning.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  1. Place a cooling mat on top of your seat and bed

  2. Use an electric fan for better ventilation and heat dissipation

  3. Use curtains, window blinds or other light-proof materials to reduce solar radiation entering your home



If you wish to turn on the air conditioner under certain circumstances, here are some tips for you to go greener!

  1. Select and use air conditioner with Grade 1 energy label

  2. Adjust and keep the room temperature between 24 °C and 26 °C

  3. Cooperate with electric fans to use less air con

  4. Turn on air con in the auto mode

  5. Adjust the wind deflector to horizontal direction

  6. Select and use "inverter" air con

  7. Clean up the air filter regularly

  8. Keep the door and windows closed when air con is on

  9. Switch off unnecessary lighting and heating appliances

  10. Switch off the air con once you feel cold!


  1. Census and Statistics Department. (2021). The Hong Kong Energy Statistics 2021 Annual Report.

  2. Electrical and Mechanical Services Department. (2021). Hong Kong Energy-End Use Data 2021.

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