No Air Con Night 2019 Summary

Over 90 thousand households support the 10th No Air Con Night

Turning off the Air Con, Cooling the Earth

The “10th No Air Con Night” has been held on 5th October (Saturday). This annual energy saving event aims to promote green practices and encourage people to bear the responsibility as a member of the earth village.

Easing global warming starts with a simple action! We are happy to announce that over 90 thousand households have signed up the “No Air Con Night 2019”! With reference to each air con consumes 1kW h, the carbon emission of turning on the air con for 8 hours is approximate to 4.72kg. Refer to the data provided by the electricity generators, the estimated decrease in electricity consumption was 720MW in total and reduced 425 tons of carbon dioxide emission from 7pm 5th Oct to 7am the next day.


This year, with the significant support from 14 Universities and Higher Education Institutes, and 304 Schools (including 56 Secondary Schools, 118 Primary Schools and 130 Kindergartens), thousands of students, staff and parents have the chance to understand the importance in saving energy and the practice of green lifestyles. Some schools also held different kinds of energy saving activities in response to this campaign.

Moreover, 243 companies and organizations have pledged to join “No Air Con Night”. Over 1000 buildings and estates have called for the support from their colleagues, residents and tenants, and some of the property management offices to turn off the air con. It is our honour to gain the generous support from the Hong Kong Observatory and Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, and having dozens of Government departments and related organizations, such as the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, Labour Department, Buildings Department, etc., to actively promote our event to their Civil Servant teams. We are also grateful to have the support from over 10 Legislative and District Council Members.

Apart from political, business communities and educational parties, we have specially invited the Director of HKO and musician Futou Annie to sing the theme song and filmed music video for No Air Con Night 2019, and to arouse the support from the general public!

Besides, in the past few months, we have launched a series of activities to promote the “No Air Con Night 2019” and to spread the message of wiser use of air con and energy saving. We have organized “Paper Fan Drawing Competition” to nurture a sense of responsibility for global warming alleviation among students. In addition, we have conducted a survey about Air-conditioning in offices, to expose the problem of electricity wastage among offices and to draw their attention to the issue. Furthermore, we have designed a large-scale glacier-like Jenga, the “Polar Bear Flash Mob”, to let participants reflect that global warming, each and every actions could eventually lead to the loss of polar bears’ habitat.

Since the HKSAR Government announced the invocation of “Emergency Regulations Ordinance” and implemented the “Anti-Mask Law” causing public sentiment and social unrest, we have cancelled the “Day and Night of No Air Con cum Ceremony”, to protect the safety of our participants. Yet, we are glad that different sectors have still shown their understanding and support for this event.

Thank you for your active participation! Please continually support the No Air Con Night in the coming future!

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